Our services

The NPRC is a cooperative of European private-sector inland shipping companies. We focus on the professional transport of dry cargo via all European waterways. In addition to transport over water we also provide a complete door-to-door logistic transport service.

Inland shipping

Coal, ore, grains, phosphates and fertiliser. Building materials, minerals and construction materials. Animal fodder, cellulose or containers. It all has to be transported and ideally over water. NPRC has the required expertise in house. Your goods are therefore in the safe hands of our private-sector inland shipping companies. They will deliver the cargo for you entirely in line with your requirements.


Our private-sector inland shipping companies are not always able to get to the precise final destination for your goods. Fortunately, we have excellent relationships with a range of large road transport companies. We also have our own in-house knowledge and experience of road transport. The NPRC can therefore arrange all of your preliminary and subsequent transport.

Cargo Inspection

The NPRC help minimise commodity cargo trading risks throughout your supply chain. Inspection occurs during critical transportation, custody transfer and storage operations. NPRC can provide professional cargo inspection from intake surveys to full quality and quantity inspections.

Stock Control

We optimize your supply chain by taking your production numbers as the starting point for our logistic planning. The NPRC stock control system can optimise your supply chain and guarantee the optimal stock level of your business.

The quality of our service is high – and we’re proud of that. We enter into stable and long-term relationships with our larger customers and have a proven ability to offer optimum transport certainty, primarily due to our varied and large fleet. This is also the case for day business and short-term commissions. That’s why our customers choose NPRC.

Types of Cargo

Dry bulk

We have a great deal of experience in transporting dry bulk such as ores and coal. In addition to salt, building materials and wood chips, our cargoes also often consist of large volumes of agricultural bulk: grains and fodder.


We have a diverse fleet which makes it easy for us to respond to a fluctuation in transport demand. NPRC provides customised solutions for your container transport requirements. Our container transport service also includes the repositioning of empty containers.

General cargo

Paper or kerbstones are just two examples of general cargo. The NPRC transports all types of general cargo. In cases, crates, drums or bales.

Project cargo

Boilers, turbines or bridge sections. These are known as project cargoes and they demand a high level of experience, expertise and attention. The NPRC is an experienced hand when it comes to project cargo so if you’re looking for a logistics solution for these unusual forms of transport then we’ll be pleased to assist.


Climate & NPRC

For us, sustainability is a strategic objective. Continuous upgrading and improvement is part of our service provision. Our offices are 100% climate-neutral. The NPRC has won a Lean & Green Award for the fact that the NPRC combines efficient business with sustainability. The Award is an initiative from Connekt, which as part of the government program Sustainable Logistic is awarded to companies who are leading in logistic and sustainablility. The NPRC wants to lead the way in sustainable development within the inland shipping sector. As a client you can help our climate programme by opting for climate-neutral or green transport.

Climate-neutral transport

Choosing inland shipping means you are opting for a clean and pleasant living environment. Inland shipping uses the infrastructure provided by nature and has the least amount of impact on the living environment. Inland shipping also has a natural and permanent edge over other modes of transport because of its lower energy consumption per ton/kilometre. The result is a CO2 emission that is up to 3 times lower than that of road transport. By investing in climate projects we help you offset the CO2 emissions that are still unavoidable. We offer you the option of choosing climate-neutral transport.

Green Transport

The demand for sustainable development has risen rapidly in Europe. Doing business in sustainable development is something that appeals to many people, including us. The NPRC transports “green” for Akzo Nobel and Bayer Material Science. For that purpose eight barges are equiped with an SCR (selective catalytic reduction) catalyst, with which the NOx-emissions from the main motor falls with 78%. Herewith the NPRC provides a contribution to sustainable transport of materials of our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of how the NPRC works. You will find this in our strategy, management and the way we work with eachother and our customers. The NPRC strives with all company decissions for a careful balance between people, planet and profit. The NPRC has an active CSR-management. This means that CSR is anchored in all company processes. This is a constant process and no final destination. The NPRC CSR performance is rewarded the “silver medal” by Ecovadis, a rating agency specialized in Sustainability and Ethics.