European Inland Waterway Shipping

Together we can do so much more

Going all the way
all over Europe

Since 1935 NPRC’s ability to get things moving knows no boundaries. Every day, a minimum of 200 barges operating under the direction of NPRC are underway somewhere in Europe. In actual fact, NPRC is the biggest cooperative active in European inland-waterway shipping. Each year, our organisation transports 11 million metric tonnes of cargo using the continent’s extensive network of rivers and canals. From Antwerp to Marseille, and from Rotterdam to Budapest.


Taming your supply chain

To get a firm grip on complex logistics, we use our hard-earned expertise, but also the latest innovations. From our offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France, NPRC plans and carries out total-package solutions – a seamless combination of inland-waterway transport and land transport. From transport, transhipment and temporary storage, to cargo inspections and all the paperwork.

We set the goals;
our people achieve them

Companies are not on standby 24/7. People are. They answer the telephone, check bills of lading and sort out customs formalities. Companies make plans. People turn them into reality. NPRC is a proud cooperative of passionate, independent entrepreneurs – supported by a team of logistics experts. Together, they get the job done. Flexible by nature, naturally driven.

Green is the only way to go

Living off and with the water. Being in tune with Mother Nature. It all comes naturally to barge captains. They know full well that inland-waterway transport is the greenest form of transport within Europe. They are determined to make their environment even greener by investing in catalytic converters and particulate filters, offering climate-neutral, eco-friendly transport. NPRC works towards a continuous reduction of CO2 emissions. Not because we have to, but because we believe in it.